Women’s Guild

St. Bernard Women’s Guild Mission Statement

The Women’s Guild acts through its membership to support, empower, and educate Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service.

What is St. Bernard Women’s Guild?

St. Bernard Women’s Guild is an organization dedicated to support, empower, and educate Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service.

St. Bernard Parish is blessed to have women who care about their faith and the issues of the Church, both locally and globally. We are women who make a difference by working through a commission/committee system to enrich our parish and community by our actions and spirituality.

We incorporate into our monthly meetings, a chance for sharing and fun, for spirituality and education and for socialization among our members. Our meetings are held October – April on the second Thursday of the month in the Activity Center at 11:30 AM. All Women are welcome.

St. Bernard Women’s Guild Grotto Brick Project

The St. Bernard Women’s Guild administers a project to provide paving bricks at the Marian Grotto that can be dedicated to parishioners, family members or causes. The form to request a dedicated brick for a donation of $125 appears here.  The Women’s Guild deserve the right to approve or reject all content.

Grotto Brick Order Form

St. Bernard Women’s Guild 2022-2023


President: Mary Krupp
Vice Presidents: Margaret Finley and Cindi Mansour
Corresponding Secretary: Rosemary Treonis
Secretary: Mara Curran
Treasurer: Phyllis McGuire
Advisors: Maria DiMenna, Deb Hennebert and Pat Webster

Commission Chairs

Spirituality: Kate Tucci
Membership: Cindi Mansour
Service: Barbara Murphy


Greeting Hostesses: Guild Board Members
Meeting Hostesses: Monthly Volunteers
Programs: Debbie Hennebert
Sunshine: Gerri Verrier
Historian: Mary Manion
Publicity: Committee Membership
Christmas Giving Tree: Guild Members
Poinsettia Sale: Kerri Welch
Guild Cruise: Barbara Murphy, Jean Stanley
Bake Sales: Karen Shepherd
Event Raffle: Margaret Finley, Kathy Sjoquist, Kerri Welch
Intentions Book: Kerri Welch

Photos of Guild Events

February 2022 Women’s Guild Bake Sale