Parish Pastoral Council

“The purpose of he Council is to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work including building maintenance and the parish grounds so to offer practical recommendations to the Pastor or Administrator. The Council will provide a representative and open forum for full and free discussion of pastoral matters so that a true consensus of the People of God may be achieved. Candidates for the Pastoral Council must be:

  • A registered member of the parish for a minimum of two years who participates faithfully in the Sunday Eucharist residing here a minimum of eight months during the year.
  • A financial giver of record to the Parish.
  • Aware that the Pastoral Council is advisory only.
  • Spiritually aware
  • A good communicator
  • Open to other’s viewpoints, capable of change and able to accept gracefully if their views are not accepted.”

For the date and time of the next meeting, check our current bulletin or call the parish office at 941-778-4769.


  1. Katie Berzowski
  2. Joe Clark, Chairman
  3. Dick Dunsworth
  4. Tim Finley
  5. Zita Gavin
  6. Angela (Angie) Grasberger
  7. Sandy Haas-Martens
  8. Cindi Mansour
  9. Barbara Sato
  10. Patricia Webster, Secretary